What we can do for you

Outreach to those with special needs, involving parents and families:

  • Assessment
  • Counseling
  • Rehabilitation facilities, including therapies, academic skills, social interactions, activity for daily living, vocational training (for 18+years).
  • Hands on training for care givers.
Outreach to communities, institutions and all those who should care:

  • Awareness programs/ sensitization workshops
  • Training services including identification and care of children with special needs, teacher training, anganwadi training.
  • Internship (please see below for more details)
Prabhat outreach is through its services of Prabhat Centres, Community-based Rehabilitation and Advocacy.

Please fill out this Internship form.

Please note:

  • Candidates coming from outside Ahmedabad, are requested to arrange for their boarding
  • Students who wish to intern will have to furnish a letter from their institution.
  • Interns will be given the opportunity of both theoretical as well practical knowledge in the
    field of disability.

Prabhat is a good learning platform for students from MSW, MBA and Design Institutes. Prabhat’s
internship is an opportunity of mutual learning for the candidate as well as the organization. Fresh
ideas and perspectives always enrich the work the organization is doing. So, we welcome you!

For any assistance from Prabhat, please fill this form telling us more about your requirement.