A mass media experience

How much do we know our city? How much do we know about the people co-existing with us in the same geographical expanse? How much do we know about the issues gripping our fellow Ahmedavadis? How much are we ready to do for pressing problems affecting the people in our city? To address a very specific but not a small issue – ‘disability’ in the above context a fifteen day campaign was conducted with a commercial radio channel in collaboration with Prabhat Education Foundation. Prabhat works for the cause of disability in the western part of Ahmedabad in areas which most of us would not even have heard of. They serve children and people with special needs by providing rehabilitation facilities (therapy, academic) and aids and appliances. They also address a very important component of counselling and guiding parents, families and local communities of children/people with disability to accept them as a respectable part of the household and the society at large.

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