About us

Prabhat serves children and adults with mental and physical challenges, helping them to achieve their full potential.

Who we are

We are committed to the national effort to help children with special needs to find their way to independent adulthood working in and around Ahmedabad. We work to bridge the gap between mainstream society and those with special needs. Our mission is to build the capacities of people with special needs to live with dignity and hope as productive and confident citizens.

The Prabhat Education Foundation reflects a journey that began in 2003 through the identification and nurturing of children with learning difficulties struggling in mainstream schools. In time, the widespread reality of physically and mentally challenged children in and around Ahmedabad became apparent, and Prabhat moved into serving special children, as well as their families affected by stigma, ignorance and denial. Realizing the need for access to care, education and learning of this group, Prabhat conceptualized an institutional facility to provide systematic rehabilitation services that could be accessible for those challenged by poverty and mobility. Working with and through local communities became Prabhat’s hallmark.

News of Prabhat spread, and children with a range of disabilities started arriving at its door,
seeking assistance. Prabhat responded in 2003 with a summer workshop for special children and their families in cooperation with the Ahmedabad Education Society. The workshop provided an opportunity for exchanging experiences and ideas, and also revealed the extent and range of special needs within the city of Ahmedabad. There was also a deep realization of stigma and discrimination affecting the future of these children and their families. Prabhat realized the need for robust steps to make children with special needs visible, and to fight for their inclusion into mainstream society. Prabhat began work with one child and today its outreach touches more than 3000 persons with special needs in Ahmedabad as well as to their families, neighbours and communities.

Our work

Prabhat Centres

The Centres locate services close to those in need. Prabhat’s Centres are located in some of Ahmedabad’s most deprived slums. The Centres are designed as welcoming, cheerful and safe spaces for counseling, assessment, therapy, learning-by- doing and for joy.

Prabhat’s pedagogy uses a multiple intelligence approach. The Centres support Prabhat’s CBR and Advocacy programs, constituting the core of Prabhat’s efforts to create spaces in which the needs, abilities and challenges of children with special needs are respected and opportunities created for them to learn and grow as citizens.

Community Based Rehabilitation program (CBR)

CBR reaches out to those who cannot access Prabhat Centres because of problems of mobility or distance. CBR creates enabling environments and capacities within homes and neighbourhoods to support and encourage children with special needs and their families, helping them toward Prabhat Centres and other supports. Home-based activities are the key to effective CBR, to mobilise hope, capacities and support in this most important environment.


Advocacy through networking strengthens each of these services and creates a more enabling environment for children with special needs in society. Its main aim is to develop like-minded partnerships that can enable special children to grow and flourish as equal citizens, building networks of support, awareness and action for inclusion and against stigma, fear and discrimination. We do this by focusing on demonstrating success stories and work towards attitudinal changes among people/ community with the help and support from local leaders, institutions and by the community itself.

Get to know our team

Our team consists of large group of professionals ranging from psychologists to physioterapists, special education teachers and support staff.

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