A fine leader!

Age: 9 years
(began her journey at Prabhat at the age of 5)

Enjoys welcoming visitors, tidying up, helping her friends with activities

Condition: Moderate mental retardation and microcephaly

She was a shy timid girl, who had difficulty in walking and dragged her feet (a condition which occurs due to lack of balance in the gross motor skills). She had visited many doctors in Ahmedabad city and had also undergone therapy sessions. Her parents are daily wage workers, but yet were convinced that their daughter needed holistic development. They were confident enough to admit her to one of the Prabhat Centres.  As she entered the Centre on the first day, she was very scared and apprehensive as she had to spend time away from the care of parents and her sheltered home. She reposed herself into a world of her own did not interact with anyone. She played and did activities all by herself. She had difficulty in communicating with other children, as well as the staff and the experts who came in for the therapy sessions. She was very sensitive to loud noises and very fearful and thus kept to herself.

Gradually she began to take the therapy sessions and started interacting with others. The therapy and the training sessions given at the Centre contributed to improving her condition considerably, and there was a discernable positive influence on her personality and behaviour. Today she is a confident nine year old youngster who walks around the Centre, attending to the activities assigned to her with interest and enthusiasm. She also helps out the staff and teachers in handling other children. She teaches children to solve puzzles, build blocks and in colouring. Her speech has improved considerably and she likes to talk. Her parents are extremely joyous at her development. They are so motivated that they come willingly to help out at the Centres whenever they are able to find time.

Her case is a fine example of how concerted rehabilitation process coupled with family support could make a remarkable difference in the life of a special child. The concern and dedicated attention of the hardworking parents (who often had to fight the sniggering/ bickering of relatives and neighbours about their daughter) needs full appreciation. Notwithstanding their meager level of income they could give her an ideal home environment and thus set an example for other parents to follow.

She is now a monitor of the class and is given the responsibility to see that her class finishes all the activities given to them on time.

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