Amidst the challenges! 

Age: 19 years
(began her journey with Prabhat at the age of 7) 

Condition: Mild mental retardation

Enjoys group activities, doing art and craft and dancing

She is the youngest of the four children. Three girls and one boy, all suffering from different degrees of mental retardation. Her brother who was suffering from profound mental retardation passed away a couple of years back soon after which one of her elder sisters also passed away. Having seen three children suffer like this, her mother had no hope that she would get better, and she rather confined herself to the fact that her children will never see a better day. The mother reluctant at first, finally got her admitted to the Centre after regular counseling. When she first came in there was very little that she could do, she had problems with her gripping, understanding instructions and thus she use to get nervous and not want to attend the sessions.

Even her mother did not force her, but after repeated visits to her place and building a rapport with her and her family and finally returned to the sessions. She was used to being called names by her neighbourhood children and adults alike but seeing a world of difference at the Centre and the respect and care she was given and started opening up. Putting in efforts to understand what was being told to her and follow instructions though she could still not to fathom the fact that so many people were giving her undivided attention and helping her learn so many things and opening her up to a world which never existed for her.

Today she gets ready on her own which includes brushing her teeth, selecting and changing her clothes, eating on her own, using the toilet by herself, with the help of her Activity for Daily Living sessions at the Centre. Her mother is extremely proud and gets teary eyed when she helps out with other small chores like welcoming the guest, serving beverages and whipping up some mouthwatering biscuit toppings.

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